From uhtceare to lychnobite – Mark Forsyth talks about the most strange and beautiful words in the English language

Posted on 2012/11/28 , tagged as

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Mark Forsyth, author of The Horologicon, is currently on tour and while visiting Blackwell’s Bristol this month he recorded some amusing etymological videos…

Mark Forsyth introduces The Horologicon and explains how it’s structured – arranged according to the hour of the day – and talks about his hope that these wonderful lost words will come back into use, in the video below.

Listen to Mark explain his previous book, The Etymologicon, and the etymological origin of ‘The Rolling Stones’, here and talk about his favourite book of 2012 here.

The Horologicon is available now from all good bookshops. Find out more about upcoming dates on Mark’s author tour here and read an extract from The Horologicon here