A pocketful of sunshine arrives in Icon Books HQ!

Posted on 2013/02/22 , tagged as

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A pocketful of sunshine arrives in Icon Books HQ!If you have enormous, energy-saving pockets, that is. Project Sunshine: How science can use the sun to fuel and feed the world, by Steve McKevitt and Tony Ryan, has arrived in the office and is all packed up and ready to be sent out to press!

‘This is an important, much needed book. It shows that things can’t go on as they have done: population growth, fossil-fuel burning, greenhouse-gas pollution. But it also explains that they don’t need to. Technologies exist, or are on the threshold of existing, that can keep the lights on and keep food on the shelves. Without being Panglossian or diminishing the challenge, Project Sunshine offers rays of hope.’ Philip Ball, author of Critical Mass and H2O: A Biography of Water.

Project Sunshine is published 7th March and you can find out more about it here.