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30-Second Economics jacket cover

30-Second Economics The 50 Most Thought-Provoking Economic Theories, Each Explained in Half a Minute Donald Marron

Keynesian Economics, Free Market Capitalism, Monetarism, Game Theory and the Invisible Hand. Sure, you know what they mean. That is, you’ve certainly heard of them. But do you know enough about these …

Economyths jacket cover

Economyths Ten Ways That Economics Gets it Wrong David Orrell

From the inability of wealth to make us happier, to our catastrophic blindness to the credit crunch, “Economyths” reveals ten ways in which economics has failed us all. Forecasters predicted a prosper …

How I Caused the Credit Crunch jacket cover

How I Caused the Credit Crunch Tetsuya Ishikawa

This is a vivid and personal account of 21st century banking excess. “How I Caused the Credit Crunch” traces seven years at the forefront of the credit markets – a tale from the heart of the bewilderi …

Introducing Economics jacket cover

Introducing Economics A Graphic Guide David Orrell, Borin Van Loon

Brand-new INTRODUCING guide to the subject that really makes the world go round. Economics was described by the English economist Lionel Robbins in 1935 as ‘the science of scarcity’ but these days eco …

Introducing Keynes jacket cover

Introducing Keynes A Graphic Guide Peter Pugh, Chris Garratt

As we find ourselves at the cusp of an economic downturn, there has been a clear reinvigoration of Keynesian economics as governments are attempting to stimulate the market through public funds. Formi …

It's Only Money jacket cover

It’s Only Money Peter Pugh

Hollywood star George Raft once told his bank manager, Part of the $10 million I spent on gambling, part on booze and part on women. The rest I spent foolishly. It’s Only Money combines cash, history …

The Happiness Equation jacket cover

The Happiness Equation Nick Powdthavee

Why is marriage worth Β£200,000 a year? Why will having children make you unhappy? Why does happiness from winning the lottery take two years to arrive? Why does time heal the pain of divorce or the de …