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Darkness Visible jacket cover

Darkness Visible Inside the World of Philip Pullman Nicholas Tucker

This is the essential companion to the man behind one of this autumn’s biggest films: Philip Pullman’s “The Golden Compass”. Philip Pullman’s writing is full of mystery and adventure – of parallel uni …

Edward Said and the Writing of History jacket cover

Edward Said and the Writing of History Shelley Walia

Said famously argued in ‘Orientalism’ that the West developed, at the peak of colonial expansion, a body of knowledge that imperialists could use to gain power. Walia investigates the need for alterna …

For Whom the Bell Tolls jacket cover

For Whom the Bell Tolls Light and Dark Verse Martin Bell

Martin Bell OBE has been many things – an icon of BBC war reporting, Britain’s first independent MP for 50 years, a UNICEF ambassador, and ‘the man in the white suit’ – a tireless campaigner for hones …

FREE Icon Books eBook Sampler jacket cover

FREE Icon Books eBook Sampler Jim Baggott, Tommy Byrne, Mark Hughes, Greg Grandin, James Hannam, James Hannam, Michael Steen, John Sutherland, Cordelia Fine, Stephen Fender, Maryanne Woolf, Manjit Kumar, Patricia Fara, John Waller

Icon Books is an independent British publisher which publishes popular and engaging non-fiction for adults. We’re proud to be part of the Independent Alliance in the UK, publishing companies who share …

Introducing Joyce jacket cover

Introducing Joyce A Graphic Guide David Norris, Carl Flint

James Joyce is one of the most famous–and controversial–writers of the twentieth century. The myth of his difficulty has discouraged many readers from works such as “Ulysses,” but David Norris explo …

Introducing Shakespeare

Introducing Shakespeare A Graphic Guide Nick Groom, Piero

Shakespeare’s absolute pre-eminence is simply unparalleled. His plays pack theatres and provide Hollywood with block-buster scripts; his works inspire mountains of scholarship and criticism every year …

Love, Sex, Death and Words jacket cover

Love, Sex, Death and Words Surprising Tales from a Year in Literature John Sutherland, Stephen Fender

Love, sex, death, boredom, ecstasy, existential angst, political upheaval – the history of literature offers a rich and varied exploration of the human condition across the centuries. In this absorbin …

Master of the Rings - cover coming soon

Master of the Rings Inside the World of J.R.R. Tolkien Susan Ang, Enrique Melatoni

The Master of the Rings takes a look at the man himself, where he came from, what influenced his writing, and what themes unite his major works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Ages 12+

Nervous System jacket cover

Nervous System The Story of a Novelist Who Lost His Mind Jan Lars Jensen

This is a memoir in the vein of Plath’s “Bell Jar”. A few months after selling his first book to a major publisher, Jan Lars Jensen woke in a psychiatric ward, only to find that the ideas that had ins …

Nobel Lectures jacket cover

Nobel Lectures 20 Years of the Nobel Prize for Literature Lectures John Sutherland

As the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature is announced, Icon publish twenty years of powerful lectures from previous winners, introduced by former Booker Prize chairman-of-judges, critic and author John …

Shakespeare jacket cover

Shakespeare The Instant Guide Instant Guides

Instant Guides are packed with essential information and useful facts covering a wide variety of subjects from survival skills to stargazing. Portable, easy to use and durable they contain all the bas …

Shakespeare on Toast jacket cover

Shakespeare on Toast Getting a Taste for the Bard Ben Crystal

Who’s afraid of William Shakespeare? Just about everyone. He wrote too much and what he did write is inaccessible and elitist. Right? Wrong. “Shakespeare on Toast” knocks the stuffing from the staid o …

Shakespearean Afterlives jacket cover

Shakespearean Afterlives Ten Characters with a Life of Their Own John O'Connor

From art to advertising, psycology to politics, opera to cinema, Shakespeare’s stories and characters have found an enduring place in our consciousness, enjoying ‘afterlives’ as rich and varied as the …

The Dickens Dictionary jacket cover

The Dickens Dictionary John Sutherland

For fans new and old, an enjoyable tour through the world of Dickens in the hands of a master critic. Charles Dickens, the ‘Great Inimitable’, created a riotous fictional world that still lives and br …

The Great Books jacket cover

The Great Books Anthony O'Hear

Anthony O’Hear presents a personal tour of the most impressive, influential and era-defining books mankind has ever produced. “Paradise Lost”, “The Canterbury Tales”, “Don Quixote”: great literature c …