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Introducing Bertrand Russell jacket cover

2nd Revised edition of “Introducing Bertrand Russell” Dave Robinson, Judy Groves

Bertrand Russell changed Western philosophy forever. He tackled many puzzles–how our minds work, how we experience the world, and what the true nature of meaning is. In “Introducing Bertrand Russell …

30-Second Philosophies jacket cover

30-Second Philosophies The 50 Most Thought-provoking Philosophies, Each Explained in Half a Minute Stephen Law, Julian Baggini, Barry Loewer

I Think Therefore I Am, Existentialism, Dialectical Materialism? The Socratic Method and Deconstruction? Sure, you know what they all mean. That is, you’ve certainly heard of them. But do you know eno …

Baudrillard and the Millennium jacket cover

Baudrillard and the Millennium Chris Horrocks

Here Horrocks presents Baudrillard’s diagnosis of our biggest media event–the Millennium, which is the virus on everyone’s mind.

Darwin and Fundamentalism jacket cover

Darwin and Fundamentalism Merryl Wyn Davies

Charles Darwin evolutionized the western view of human development and inaugurated a paradigmatic shift that has reverberated throughout science ever since. His work and conclusions surrounding evolut …

Derrida and the End of History jacket cover

Derrida and the End of History Professor Stuart Sim

Derrida’s critique of Fukuyama’s claim that history “as we know it” has ended is highlighted as one of his most valuable contributions to the postmodern cultural debate. This book places Derrida’s rej …

Don't Get Fooled Again jacket cover

Don’t Get Fooled Again Richard Wilson

Why is it that, time and again, intelligent, educated people end up falling for ideas that turn out on closer examination to be nonsense? We live in a supposedly rational age, yet crazy notions seem i …

Foucault and Queer Theory jacket cover

Foucault and Queer Theory Tamsin Spargo

Foucault’s theories on power, crime and sexuality have enourmously influenced the postmodern debates within postfeminism, cultural studies, sociology, and history.

Heidegger and the Nazis jacket cover

Heidegger and the Nazis Jeff Collins

Martin Heidegger’s enthusiastic advocacy of Nazism has left discordant traces in the political culture of postmodernity. As a philosopher, he proposed an extraordinary thinking calculated to “overcome …

Introducing Aesthetics jacket cover

Introducing Aesthetics A Graphic Guide Christopher Kul-Want, Piero

What is beauty, and what is truth? These are some of the questions which aesthetics tries to answer. In our everyday life, we talk about the ‘aesthetics’ of an artwork or a piece of design. But aesthe …

Introducing Alain Badiou jacket cover

Introducing Alain Badiou A Graphic Guide Michael J. Kelly, Piero

The works of French philosopher Alain Badiou range from novels, poems, “romanopéras” and popular political treatises to elaborate philosophical arguments engaging with mathematical theory. Throughout …

Introducing Aristotle jacket cover

Introducing Aristotle A Graphic Guide Rupert Woodfin, Judy Groves

“Introducing Aristotle” guides the reader through an explosion of theories, from the establishment of systematic logic to the earliest rules of science. Aristotle’s authority extended beyond his own l …

Introducing Baudrillard jacket cover

Introducing Baudrillard A Graphic Guide Chris Horrocks, Zoran Jetvic

Illustrated guide to the controversial sociologist Jean Baudrillard, who died in 2007. Did the Gulf War take place? Is it possible to fake a bank robbery? Was sexual liberation a disaster? Jean Baudri …

Introducing Camus jacket cover

Introducing Camus A Graphic Guide David Mariowitz, Alain Korkos

“Introducing Camus” portrays a man who was an intellectual in the tradition of the great French humanists, a Resistance fighter during World War II, and also a great sensualist for whom sun, sea, sex, …

Introducing Continental Philosophy jacket cover

Introducing Continental Philosophy A Graphic Guide Christopher Kul-Want, Piero

What makes philosophy on the continent of Europe so different and exciting? And why does it have such a reputation for being ‘difficult’? Continental philosophy was initiated amid the revolutionary fe …

Introducing Critical Theory jacket cover

Introducing Critical Theory A Graphic Guide Professor Stuart Sim, Borin Van Loon

What might a ‘theory of everything’ look like? Is science an ideology? Who were Adorno, Horkheimer or the Frankfurt School? The decades since the 1960s have seen an explosion in the production of crit …

Introducing Derrida jacket cover

Introducing Derrida A Graphic Guide Jeff Collins, Bill Mayblin

Brilliant illustrated guide to the best-known and most controversial continental philosopher of the latter 20th century. Jacques Derrida is the most famous philosopher of the late 20th century. Yet De …

Introducing Descartes jacket cover

Introducing Descartes A Graphic Guide Dave Robinson, Chris Garratt

“Introducing Descartes” explains why he is usually called the father of modern philosophy. It is a clear and accessible guide to all the puzzling questions that Descartes asked about human beings and …

Introducing Eastern Philosophy jacket cover

Introducing Eastern Philosophy A Graphic Guide Richard Osborne, Borin Van Loon

Compact INTRODUCING guide to the historical and philosophical basis of Eastern cultures. Eastern philosophy is the most ancient form of thought known to humanity. Introducing Eastern Philosophy focuse …

Introducing Empiricism jacket cover

Introducing Empiricism A Graphic Guide Dave Robinson, Bill Mayblin

Our knowledge comes primarily from experience – what our senses tell us. But is experience really what it seems? The experimental breakthroughs in 17th-century science of Kepler, Galileo and Newton in …

Introducing Ethics jacket cover

Introducing Ethics A Graphic Guide Dave Robinson, Chris Garratt

What is the place of individual choice and consequence in a post-Holocaust world of continuing genocidal ethnic cleansing? Is “identity” now a last-ditch cultural defence of ethnic nationalisms and co …


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