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30-Second Politics jacket cover

30-Second Politics The 50 Most Thought-provoking Theories in Politics Steven L. Taylor

You may be OK with standard stuff like Conservatism and Democracy, but do you really know what Patrimonialism is? And what about Oligarchy? Anarcho-syndicalism? Politics is, we are willing to bet, the …

50 Facts That Should Change the World jacket cover

50 Facts That Should Change the World Jessica Williams

This is an updated and revised edition of Jessica Williams’ hugely praised international bestseller. Originally published in May 2004, it has sold in excess of 60,000 copies. This edition is updated t …

50 Facts You Need to Know - USA jacket cover

50 Facts You Need to Know – USA A Tour Through the Real America Stephen Fender

The Land of the Free is the country everyone loves to attack. But how much do you really know about the USA? “Hot Rods, Handguns and Huckleberry Finn” is a popular exploration of the real America. Thi …

A Very British Revolution jacket cover

A Very British Revolution The Expenses Scandal and How to Save Our Democracy Martin Bell

The revelations over MPs’ expenses that began in May 2009 ranged from petty thieving to outright fraud and sparked a crisis in confidence unprecedented in modern times. This was a 21st-century Peasant …

American Dream, Global Nightmare jacket cover

American Dream, Global Nightmare Ziauddin Sardar, Merryl Wyn Davies

Propelled by its mythology, America pursues its dream relentlessly. Here, the authors expose the dark side of that fantasy: death, suffering, perpetual fear, an increasing divide between rich and poor …

China jacket cover

China Friend or Foe? Hugo de Burgh

China is set to become the world’s next superpower. Should America celebrate – or be afraid? China: Friend or Foe? deals with vital questions: Who are China’s power-players? Will the Chinese economy i …

Fundamentalist World jacket cover

Fundamentalist World The New Dark Age of Dogma Professor Stuart Sim

9/11, suicide bombings in the Middle East, anti-abortion terrorism, the American militia movement, teaching creationism in schools, the collapse of the Argentinian economy, the rise of the far right i …

Introducing Capitalism jacket cover

Introducing Capitalism A Graphic Guide Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil, Piero

Capitalism now dominates the globe, both in economics and ideology, shapes every aspect of our world and influences everything from laws, wars and government to interpersonal relationships. “Introduci …

Introducing Fascism jacket cover

Introducing Fascism A Graphic Guide Stuart Hood, Litza Jansz

Did Fascism end with the Allied victory over the Axis powers in 1945, or has it been lying dormant and is now re-awakening as we move into the 21st century? Introducing Fascism trace the origins of Fa …

Introducing Fascism and Nazism jacket cover

Introducing Fascism and Nazism A Graphic Guide Stuart Hood, Litza Jansz

Did Fascism end with the Allied victory over the Axis powers in 1945, or has it been lying dormant and is now re-awakening as we move into the 21st century? “Introducing Fascism and Nazism” trace the …

Introducing Marx jacket cover

Introducing Marx A Graphic Guide Rius

Compact INTRODUCING guide to the influential philosopher, sociologist and economist. INTRODUCING MARX – A GRAPHIC GUIDE explores the life of the most famous Socialist figure, from his early years to m …

Introducing Thatcherism jacket cover

Introducing Thatcherism A Graphic Guide Peter Pugh, Carl Flint

Margaret Thatcher’s political career was one of the most remarkable of modern times. She rose to become the first woman to lead a major Western democracy, serving as British Prime Minister. Admired by …

Introducing Trotsky and Marxism jacket cover

Introducing Trotsky and Marxism Tariq Ali, Phil Evans, Phil Evans

Together with Lenin, Leon Trotsky was one of the architects of the Russian Revolution. A great orator, a skilful military tactician, a gifted historian and an unpredictable cultural theorist, Trotsky …

Jilted Generation jacket cover

Jilted Generation How Britain Has Bankrupted Its Youth Ed Howker, Shiv Malik

Why are so many adult children living still living with mum and dad? Why do young people seem so disinterested in politics? And what are the hidden threats to Britain’s long-term prosperity lurking in …

Supercapitalism jacket cover

Supercapitalism The Battle for Democracy in an Age of Big Business Robert B. Reich

Capitalism should be made to serve democracy, and not the other way around, argues Robert Reich.Supercapitalism – turbocharged, Web-based, able to find and make almost anything just about anywhere – i …

Surveillance Unlimited jacket cover

Surveillance Unlimited Keith Laidler

Your car is satellite-tracked, your features auto-identified on video, your e-mails, faxes and phone calls monitored. You are covertly followed via transmitters implanted in your clothes, via your swi …

The New Rome jacket cover

The New Rome The Fall of the Roman Empire and the Fate of America Cullen Murphy

Vanity Fair’s US editor-at-large pits the modern USA against the might of the Roman Empire – and finds two very similar opponents. The rise and fall of ancient Rome has always been a metaphor for Amer …

The Truth That Sticks jacket cover

The Truth That Sticks Martin Bell

New Labour surged to power eleven years ago on the promise to be ‘whiter than white’, but their record in office and abuse of trust have proved a bitter disappointment for millions who believed this p …

Why Blame Israel? jacket cover

Why Blame Israel? The Facts Behind the Headlines Neill Lochery

Israel is too often seen as the guilty party in the Middle East conflict. Neill Lochery argues that this interpretation, led by the liberal media, is unfair.

Will America Change? jacket cover

Will America Change? Ziauddin Sardar, Merryl Wyn Davies

Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies’ “Why Do People Hate America?” explored the question that emerged from the infernal destruction of 9/11. It found answers in the ways that the US engages with the …


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