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Affect jacket cover

Affect Graham Music

Affect refers to the strange emotions we often centre on external objects, and the corresponding system of values we create by way of these attachments. Jargon-free and written by an expert in the fie …

Castration jacket cover

Castration Ivan Ward

From fashion to football, in our dreams and epiphanies, through jealous rages and moments of genius, the effects of castration anxiety, so claims Ivan Ward, are ever-present. Freud’s famous ‘castratio …

Depression jacket cover

Depression Jeremy Holmes

Icon’s intriguing series of small books on the key ideas of psychoanalysis grows apace with three brand new titles, all by hugely respected authors. Depression is now recognised by the World Health Or …

Envy jacket cover

Envy Kate Barrows

As Kate Burrows explains, envy is one of the most destructive emotions and one of the most intractable problems of psychotherapy.

Eros jacket cover

Eros Nicola Abel-Hirsch

Ideas in Psychoanalysis is a series of essays which explain psychoanalytical concepts, their relevance to everyday life and their ability to illuminate the nature of human society and culture. From lo …

Exhibitionism jacket cover

Exhibitionism Brett Kahr

Ideas in Psychoanalysis is a series of essays which explain psychoanalytical concepts, their relevance to everyday life and their ability to illuminate the nature of human society and culture. Everybo …

Free Association jacket cover

Free Association Christopher Bollas

Offering new conceptual insights while remaining accessible to the general reader, Christopher Bollas explores what free association tells us about human consciousness and creativity.

Human Being to Human Bomb jacket cover

Human Being to Human Bomb The Conveyor Belt of Terror Russell Razzaque

What makes often intelligent young men (and women) violently kill themselves and others in the name of religion and politics? They all had strict fathers and obsessive personalities. They all studied …

Hysteria - cover coming soon

Hysteria Julia Borossa

Hysteria was once simultaneously physical illness, an illness without physical symptoms – and something unmistakably feminine. Freud and Charcot diagnosed Hysteria as psychological trauma manifesting …

Introducing Child Psychology jacket cover

Introducing Child Psychology A Practical Guide Kairen Cullen

“Child Psychology: A Practical Guide” by Dr Kairen Cullen takes insights from experts in children’s development and explains how they can benefit your family. It’s full of case studies and activities …

Introducing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) jacket cover

Introducing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) A Practical Guide Elaine Iljon Foreman, Clair Pollard

“Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Practical Guide” by Elaine Iljon Foreman & Dr Clair Pollard gives you straightforward, proven techniques from experts in this life-changing therapy. It’s full of …

Introducing Family Psychology jacket cover

Introducing Family Psychology A Practical Guide James Powell

Based on practical, clinically proven, and tried-and-tested approaches, Introducing Family Psychology – A Practical Guide looks at fifteen major problems that are typically encountered by families. In …

Introducing Graphic Guide box set - Know Thyself jacket cover

Introducing Graphic Guide box set – Know Thyself David Papineau, Angus Gellatly, Nigel Benson, Howard Selina, Oscar Zarate

Using graphic novel-style illustration combined with accessible but authoritative text, the Introducing Graphic Guide series is a uniquely brilliant way to get your head around some of humankind’s mos …

Introducing Jung jacket cover

Introducing Jung A Graphic Guide Maggie Hyde, Michael McGuiness

Carl Gustav Jung was the most enigmatic and controversial disciple of Sigmund Freud.”Introducing Jung” brilliantly explains the theories that led Jung to break away from Freud and describes his own ne …

Introducing Learning and Memory jacket cover

Introducing Learning and Memory Ziauddin Sardar, Richard Appignanesi, Ralph Edney

Traces our quest for knowledge from Greek and Roman antiquity to the origins of experimental science and the insights of sociology, psychology and neurological investigations.

Introducing Melanie Klein jacket cover

Introducing Melanie Klein A Graphic Guide R. D. Hinshelwood, Susan Robinson, Oscar Zarate

INTRODUCING guide to the pioneering child psychoanalyst. Born in Vienna in 1882, Melanie Klein became a pioneer in child psychoanalysis and developed several ground-breaking concepts about the nature …

Introducing Psychoanalysis jacket cover

Introducing Psychoanalysis A Graphic Guide Ivan Ward, Oscar Zarate

INTRODUCING guide to the history and theory of still controversial ‘speaking cure’. The ideas of psychoanalysis have permeated Western culture. It is the dominant paradigm through which we understand …

Introducing Psychology jacket cover

Introducing Psychology A Graphic Guide Nigel Benson

What is psychology? When did it begin? Where did it come from? How does psychology compare with related subjects such as psychiatry and psychotherapy? To what extent is it scientific? “Introducing Psy …

Introducing the Freud Wars jacket cover

Introducing the Freud Wars A Graphic Guide Stephen Wilson, Oscar Zarate

Compact INTRODUCING guide on the debates surrounding psychoanalysis’s most contested figure. Freud is universally recognised as a pivotal figure in modern culture. Yet the man and his work continually …

Lacan and Postfeminism jacket cover

Lacan and Postfeminism Elizabeth Wright

Jacques Lacan has been acknowledged as one of the giants of psychoanalysis, whose influence has spread far from the clinical psychology that his theories were rooted in, to become a touch point in Eng …


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