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A Carpet Ride to Khiva jacket cover

A Carpet Ride to Khiva Seven Years on the Silk Road Christopher Aslan Alexander

The Silk Road conjures images of the exotic and the unknown. Most travellers simply pass along it. Brit Chris Alexander chose to live there. Ostensibly writing a guidebook, Alexander found life at the …

A London Country Diary jacket cover

A London Country Diary Mundane Happenings from the Secret Streets of the Capital Tim Bradford, Stewart Lee

For fifteen years, Tim Bradford has meandered round the quiet streets of his North London home, seeking out the ordinary and the extraordinary, the sublime and the ridiculous. A London Country Diary d …

New World Order jacket cover

New World Order Every Country on Earth. Sorted. Dixe Wills

Left-field geographer and anti-travel author Dixe Wills presents a uniquely new look at each of the 198 countries of the world. With a handy grading system to reveal who are the globe’s real top natio …

Travel Games - cover coming soon

Travel Games The Instant Guide Instant Guides

Instant Guides are packed with essential information and useful facts covering a wide variety of subjects from survival skills to stargazing. Portable, easy to use and durable they contain all the bas …