We are happy to read manuscripts from potential new authors. We accept unsolicited adult non-fiction manuscripts only. We do not accept adult fiction, poetry, religion or children’s fiction.

If you would like to submit to Icon Books, please email us with the following:

  • A brief synopsis of the proposed book
  • A detailed chapter breakdown of the proposed book
  • An overview of any competing or complementary titles
  • An indication of your intended market (please try and be as specific as possible)
  • A biography of yourself as author, including any relevant professional or academic experience and any publication history
  • A selection of sample material. The first two or three chapters are normally sufficient, although we do also accept entire manuscripts.
  • An estimated completion date and total word count (please note that only a word count is helpful here, a page count is best avoided)

We only accept submissions by e-mail. Please send them to

Please note that we do not accept postal submissions, and are unable to return any hard copies of manuscripts sent to us by post. Please remember this as we cannot offer any guarantee of its safe return.

Bear in mind that while we aim to respond to all submissions within three-four months of their receipt, we receive a vast number of proposals and cannot promise to reply as swiftly as we would like to them all.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we do not acknowledge receipt and will only contact you if your proposal is deemed to have potential.