30-Second Elements (Hardback)

The 50 most significant elements, each explained in half a minute

Eric Scerri

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When was radium discovered? Who are Dmitri Mendeleev and Glenn T. Seaborg? Who discovered uranium’s radioactivity? Which element is useful for dating the age of Earth? And why doesn’t gold have a scientific name?

30-Second Elements presents you with the very foundations of chemical knowledge, explaining concisely the 50 most significant chemical elements.

This book uses helpful glossaries and tables to fast track your knowledge of the other 68 elements and the relationships between all of them.

Dr. Eric Scerri is a lecturer at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA. Dr. Scerri is a chemist and leading philosopher of science specialising in the history and philosophy of the periodic table.

‘Have it on your bedside table, take an element a day … captivating insights into the world of chemistry and its applications.’Chemistry World
‘An excellent quick read and reference source for anyone interested in science and its history in general, chemistry, and the elements.’Chemistry & Industry

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ISBN: 9781848315945

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Publication date: 01-08-2013


Series: 30-Second

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