Hess, Hitler and Churchill (Paperback)

The Real Turning Point of the Second World War - A Secret History

Peter Padfield

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When Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess set off for Britain on a peace mission in May 1941, he launched one of the great mysteries of the Second World War. Had he really acted alone, without Hitler’s knowledge? Who were the British he had come to see? Was British intelligence involved?

Award-winning historian Peter Padfield presents striking new evidence that demands the wholesale reappraisal of the episode. For, allied to a powerful argument that Hess must have had both Hitler’s backing and considerable encouragement from Britain, Padfield demonstrates that he also brought with him a draft peace treaty committing Hitler to the evacuation of occupied European countries. Made public, this would have destroyed Churchill’s campaign to bring the United States into the war.

Expertly woven into a compelling narrative that touches on Lord (Victor) Rothschild and the Cambridge spy ring, possible British foreknowledge of Operation Barbarossa and the ‘final solution’, MI6’s use of Hess to prevent the bombing of London and the mysterious circumstances of his death in Spandau prison – including the previously unseen witness accounts from that day – Hess, Hitler and Churchill is among the most important history books of recent years.

Peter Padfield is an award-winning naval and Nazi-period historian whose most recent books were the Maritime Supremacy trilogy (John Murray), awarded the Mountbatten Maritime Prize.

‘This grippingly readable book gives the fullest and most convincing exposition of one of the 20th century’s strangest stories.’Nigel JonesSunday Telegraph
‘A fascinating work of historical investigation.’Daily Telegraph
Praise for Padfield’s last book:

‘The best naval historian of his generation’ John Keegan
‘As gripping as anything written by Patrick O’Brian’ Sunday Times

‘A remarkably gripping read.’The Good Book Guide

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