Introducing Einstein (Paperback)

A Graphic Guide

Joseph Schwartz, Michael McGuiness

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Compact INTRODUCING guide to the father of modern physics. Albert Einstein’s development of the theory of general relativity caused a transformation in in the physics world. He received the 1921 Novel Prize for Physics for his services to theoretical physics and his name has become synonymous with ‘genius’. Joseph Schwartz and Michael McGuiness’ guide is a concise, readable guide to the most influential physicist to have ever lived.

Joseph Schwartz PhD was, until 2010, a supervisor and training therapist at The Bowlby Centre, London. Formerly an experimental physicist at the University of Berkeley, he then trained in psychoanalysis in New York before moving to London and becoming a founder member of the UK Relational School. He has a specialist interest in the history of both psychoanalysis and science. Michael McGuiness is a now-retired illustrator for numerous newspapers and magazines.

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