The 50 Greatest Dishes of the World (eBook)

James Steen

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Like a gourmet’s magic carpet, this book takes the reader from table to table around the globe, savouring and relishing exceptional, ever-pleasing tastes.

Award-winning journalist and food writer James Steen presents his compendium of 50 of the greatest dishes eaten throughout the world today – and the stories behind the food. From why Thai green curry really got its name to the evolution of France’s classic and comforting coq au vin, Steen reveals the rich tapestry of life and history that is part of the recipe for the world’s best food . There are servings of Italy’s carbonara, the paella of Spain and, of course, Britain’s fish and chips. And please save room for a generous slice of Black Forest gâteau.

Including cooking tips from acclaimed chefs, this is the epicurean’s travel guide to really get your taste buds tingling.

James Steen co-wrote the autobiographies of Marco Pierre White (The Devil in the Kitchen), Raymond Blanc (A Taste of My Life), Keith Floyd (Stirred But Not Shaken) and Ken Hom (My Stir-Fried Life, to be published in September 2016). His other collaborations include White Heat: 25, Marco Made Easy, Kitchen Secrets and Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons (with Raymond Blanc, to be published in October 2016). He is also author of The Kitchen Magpie. Based in London, James contributes to a wide variety of publications.