The Man Who Ate Bluebottles (Paperback)

And Other Great British Eccentrics

Catherine Caufield, Peter Till

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‘Catherine Caufield has shown us that eccentrics are fascinating characters … they add to the gaiety of nations and it would be sad to see them fade away’ Patrick Moore, Daily Express’A hilarious compilation … not to be missed’ Good Book Guide’Mad dogs and Englishmen, laid out for public gaze’ Fortean TimesUntil he ate a bluebottle, William Buckland had always maintained that the taste of mole was the most repulsive he knew. But that was before he ate the embalmed heart of Louis XVI. William, and a hundred other colourful characters populate the pages of this amusing survey of those strange British people through the ages.

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ISBN: 9781840467772

Price: GBP 7.99, USD 12.95, CAD 16.00, AUD 19.99, USD 12.95

Pages: 224

Publication date: 07-09-2006


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